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Complete Greywater Reclamation System Kit™
Brand: American Greywater Systems, LLC
weight: 2240 oz
Product Code: CGRSK
Product Condition: New
Flushing and filling toilets in an average American home, can account for almost 27% of your total water consumption.  While federal standards mandate new toilets have a rating of 1.6 GPF, older toilets have a GPF rating of 3.7 GPF to 5 GPF, according to the EPA. 

This complete kit includes all the major components listed bellow, that you will need to install and operate your greywater system.  This kit is designed to collect greywater from your bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks and washing machines.  This kit does NOT include piping.  The amount of piping needed will be different for every customer.  American Greywater Systems, LLC will be happy to help you determine how much piping you will need for your greywater  system.   
How it works:
The system plugs into a 120 vac outlet. The programmable digital timer is easily adjustable to run the system on your schedule. The greywater will be filtered, sanitized and pumped to your toilet tanks for flush and fill operation as well as a branch line that can be plumbed outside to irrigate your landscaping if you so choose. The versatile distribution manifold lets you decide how many outgoing branch lines you connect  to with treated greywater.  This system utilizes a reusable Diatomaceous Earth filter.  Simply rinse the filter out when the indicator gauge indicates it's time.
On the outlet, there is a final polishing filter consisting of a GAC filter cartridge & conditioner (softener) cartridge. The GAC filter removes certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from water, chemicals that give objectionable odors to water such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine.  The salt-free water conditioner utilizes a physical process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). The hardness minerals are converted to a hardness crystal that is not able to bind to surfaces such as pipes and plumbing fixtures. 
The system utilizes a low water safety float switch to protect your pumps, as well as a fresh water make-up valve that will automatically add fresh water to your processing tank if the water level becomes too low, so you will never run out of water from your system.  
What is Diatomaceous Earth? 
Diatomaceous Earth is an effective, economical,  safe, environmentally friendly filtering media.  This filtering media comes in a white, powder form. Diatomaceous Earth  is the fossilized remains of single celled aquatic plants called diatoms. These microscopic organisms have a microporous exoskeleton structure, with interior pores as small as 0.1 micron. D.E. is mined from naturally occurring, inert deposits found worldwide.  

Components Included:
Filter Pump
Reusable D.E. Filter 
Distribution Pump 
Distribution Manifold 
UV Sanitizer 
Control Panel
Bulk Head Fittings
PVC Ball Valves
Check Valve 
Pipe Markers
"Non-Potable Water" Toilet Signs
Owner's Manual 
Fresh Water Make-Up Valve 
Low Level Safety Float Switch 
Blue Dye Tablets
Diatomaceous Earth
Air Admittance Valves 
Air Gap Fitting 
Tank Breather 
Fresh Water Make-Up Valve Float Switch
Laundry Greywater Harvesting Kit™️
Programmable Digital Timer
96 Gallon Open Top Tank 
 GAC Filter & Conditioner Assy.  
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